Optiberry™ contains a unique, proprietary blend of wild blueberry, strawberry, cranberry, wild bilberry, elderberry and raspberry extracts, which are known for their health-promoting properties due to their high content of anthocyanins.

Within the berries selected for Optiberry™, Optiberry™ contains standardized levels of anthocyanins, including malvidin, cyanidin, delphindin and petunidin in biologically active ratios.

Optiberry™ is a standardized, multiple berry anthocyanin extract formulated and tested for optimum safety, bioavailability, antioxidant and anti-angiogenic activity.

Optiberry is presented in the form of "Sachet" and it has 3x power as compared to Optiberry.

For further information, please refer to www.interhealthusa.com